We are thrilled to offer a breakthrough in architectural fencing that not only ensures the highest level of safety but also elevates the aesthetics to new heights. Designed by a team of talented designers and engineers, PIK® combines cutting edge manufacturing processed, sleek lines and innovative features to create a truly exceptional fencing solution. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with the outdoor space, enhancing overall architectural design. The stylish vertical picket fencing is designed with durability in mind. The galvanised steel round powder coated balusters with epoxy base coat are selected for their resistance to weather elements, ensuring the fence maintains its aesthetics appeal for years to come. The vertical orientation of the pickets provides a sense of height and openness while ensuring privacy and security. Additionally, the spacing of pickets provides for pool fencing compliance. This design allows air and light to flow through, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Safety is top priority and PIK® excels in this aspect as well. The vertical round picket panels are made from heavy duty galvanised steel. Precise engineering and installation methods ensure that the fence is secure and durable and importantly, meets relevant pool fencing standards. What sets the round picket fencing apart is its versatility. Whether you’re looking to define your garden space, enclose a pool area or add a contemporary touch to your property’s perimeter, this fencing solution offers a seamless integration with any architectural style or landscaping design. It effortlessly harmonises with both modern and traditional settings, making it a versatile choice for any outdoor project. With PIK® you’re invited to redefine the concepted of fencing. Experience the perfect harmony of safety and style, where your fence line becomes a stunning focal point that exudes sophistication and elegance.

PLINTH FIXING OPTIONS: Bolted to concrete/timber – Pickets are pre-welded to a 12mm thick plinth which is 1200mm long x 100mm wide. Simply install a complete panel onto a concrete or timber surface via 6 x fixing holes located in each plinth. Bury in grout – Another option is to bury the plinth in grout so that it is hidden and only the pickets protrude upwards. Alternatively, separate pickets are available which may be installed individually.

Delivery Options – For all base plated PIK items

    • If a forklift is available on site, this can be delivered via the depot Flatbed vehicles or a 3rd party transport (price on application)
    • If no forklift is available on site, the only option is a crane truck delivery. Price upon application.
    • Hand unload delivery is not an option for this range

Collection Options For all base plated PIK items

    • These panels are unable to be hand loaded on to vehicles. Fork load is the only option available and the collecting vehicle must be a fit for purpose flatbed tray.
    • The gates and picket kits are fine as hand load if these are the only items being purchased.

Pik panels are packed on to master stillages of 10 . Quantities outside of this will require purchase of a pallet for both delivery and collection options.

Full Installation Video

PIK Joining Overview


PIK Product & Installation Overview