Kindly advise Fences Galore & Glass as soon as practically possible if anyone at the delivery premises is in isolation or tested positive to COVID.

It is for the best safety and practice we are aware of any developing situations at the delivery premises. Failure to confirm the above may result in the delivery to be postponed.

Since 2019 our delivery service has been a non-contact service which outlines and we will continue this indefinitely;

  1. Our vehicles are equipped with two team members and will not require the aid or assistance of the home owner or person(s) on site to unload.
  2. Paperwork will not be signed by the receiver. Should the receiver be on-site we will require their name.
  3. Due to OH&S goods will be placed in the first safe place on the premises. Eg. Carport, garage or external side of the house or front porch.
  4. Our drivers will not be able to “walk goods through the home”.

Once we have received confirmation we can confirm delivery with the corresponding warehouse. If there is a case where the delivery needs to be moved to a later date, we will do our best to accommodate.