Semi-frameless Pool Fencing

Comprises of:

  • 10mm Thick Glass Panels
  • Choice of 8mm and 12mm Glass Gates
  • Square Posts
  • Seating Blocks
  • Caps
  • Cover Rings
  • Glazing Rubber
  • Gate Kit (for each gate purchased)
  • Side Pull Latch & Stop (for each gate purchased)
  • Non-shrink Grout (for core drilling applications only)

Posts are available for core drilling through concrete, pavers or tiles. Posts are also available for flanging to timber decks or for in ground applications.

For a full explanation on setting out your job and working out panel sizes, please read the Installation Guide. Alternatively, send us a brief sketch of your desired fence plan showing all measurements, gate locations and ground surfaces. This way, from our office we can work out your best solution and ideas with the best possible price. Just email your plan to [email protected]. If you miss something, we will phone you to discuss.

Post descriptions

  • 1-way half post is used to attached a panel of glass to a wall or fixed pier/post.
  • 1-way full post is used at the end of a the last panel of glass and either side of a gate.
  • 2-way post is used in between two panels of glass.
  • Corner post available in 135° and 90° corners.
  • Base plate posts are used to attach posts to timber decks.