MOVE™ shutters are a stylish contemporary vertical operable shutter solution offering a range of benefits such as enclosing an external void space, protection from natural elements or providing privacy. The hand operable system enables adjustment of louvres to allow sunlight between blades, controlling the level of desired privacy. Aluminium shutter panels are comprised of an outer frame (top and bottom rail and side trim angle) and elliptical blades (150mm x 29mm louvre blade) which are connected by a control arm. The panel is secured inside U channels on the top and bottom. MOVE ™ shutters are installed in a void space and the span can be easily joined/butted together continuously. MOVE™ shutters are cut-to-size and shipped flat pack Australia wide for easy assembly and installation. IMPORTANT: MOVE ™ aluminium shutters are not to be used as a balustrade/barrier. Shutter blades may be opened to allow wind to pass through. However, if compliance/certification is required for wind loading, seek independent engineering advice. Operable aluminium blades close neatly and provide relief from the elements such as wind, rain and sun however the shutters are not designed to be a complete weatherproof barrier.

MOVE Aluminium Shutters – Installation Overview

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