For the minimalist look, Clearglaze Channel Glass is an ideal solution. Glass is grouted directly into the ground which removes the need for spigots. When preparing for new concrete pours, a slot can be left into which glass panels are inserted and then grouted in. For existing concrete areas, suitable concrete cutting can provide the required slot. Glass is 1350mm high to ensure the top of glass remains at 1200mm or more above finished floor height.
12CG Conc12CG-Plynth25 x 25 CHTo aid in inground installation, Fences Galore & Glass has a 3000mm long U channel. 25 x 25mm U Channel This channel is 25 x 25mm: 3mm wall thickness giving a 19mm inner diameter. U channel can be aligned inside a slot cut for glass to be inserted (place packers between the glass bottom edge and aluminium). Grout is then filled into the slot cut encasing glass and the U channel. U channel can be used as a tool to line up glass and provide a flat straight guide for installation.