A complete pool fencing system which offers easy installation with a visually stunning end product you will swoon over.

6005A is a superior strength alloy which is stronger than the commonly used 6063 & 6060 grades. 6005A is ofter used in structural engineering projects.

Extrusions produced to the chemical composition, mechanical proeprty and dimensional tolerances in AS/NZS 1866:1997

The glazing pockets are deep allowing for flexibility of installation
E.g. 1 Way post glazing pocket is 28mm deep

Captive wedge glazing system incorporated. This allows for increased speed of installation by requiring only the inner glass face to be manually glazed.

Screw flutes strategically incorporated into the glazing posts enable a range of installation advantages such as being able to screw fix a handrail, screw fix base plates and enable top caps to be pressed securely in place to name a few key advantages.

All products have undertaken testing with NATA approved authorities to ensure compliance to load considerations are satisfied.